Danske Bank



Client | Danske Bank

Navigation app helping visually impaired people 
in movement around the city through easy 
 navigation and live updates of public transportation.


The biggest bank in Denmark has one of the vision to be financially confident and enable customers to achieve their ambitions. They reached the students with a task to create a concept using IoT technologies within one of the three areas: Smart Self, Smart Living or Smart Cities.



Desk research was conducted to gain background knowledge. The resources included online articles, documentary movies, reports and numerous web pages with the subject area about visual impairment. It helped to create few assumptions which were examined through the field research. The focus was on both, blind and partially-sighted people, gender and age of no significance.

First, a short survey was conducted to get an overview of daily struggles. Later on, in-depth interviews were held to learn more about challenges regarding public transportation. The main focus was on obstacles within public transportation, although few insights about different areas were discovered.

When designing experiences for complex situations, such as the ones visually impaired are facing each day, it is crucial to have an overview of their reality, interactions, and needs. Therefore, we used ecosystem mapping in order to better understand the people, places, and objects which are present in the life of visually impaired person. Moreover, the ecosystem map provided a large knowledge of how visually impaired people interact with the world around them.

The insights pointed out the main problem in their life - mobility. Gathering all the insights, the following propelling question was aimed to be solved: How can we make visually impaired people fully self-reliant in terms of movement between locations, despite their disability?




The app allows the user to plan a trip, see an overview of the route and choose the fastest or recommended route, considering the time and the smallest number of changes. It is specially designed for visually impaired people, taking into account requirements in designing for this kind of disability (high contrast, displaying only the most important information) and possibility to adjust the app to specific needs (different vibrations, sounds, notifications).

Thanks to beacons installed on the bus and the bus stop, the user has the possibility to inform a bus driver that he wants to get on or off the bus by pressing the STOP button in the app. The driver knows to wait a bit longer and to stop in the most accessible place in the bus stop. Also, there’s no need to worry about the ticket purchase - everything is done automatically.