Den Gamle By


Educational app

Client | Den Gamle By

2017 | Multimedia Design and Communication

An educational app supporting visit at Den Gamle By dedicated for primary school pupils.  A digital medium enhance the experience and learning process as well as learn about family structures in the new 1974-section at the museum.



This project has a digital approach to how the museum can offer educational materials without compromising the unique experience of interacting with historical and cultural artefacts and objects.



We wanted to give the schools the opportunity to combine a museum visit with further education back home at the school. The learning objectives for kids in 3rd and 4th grade in the subject History are diverse including history canon, family structures and chronology. As the apartments in the 1974-section are different types of families (nuclear family, a blindman, a single mother, etc.), we believe the visit to this section can support teaching about family structures.


By giving teachers the produced content at Den Gamle By, teachers are able to work with the pupils about their findings and turn them into a part of the subject about the living conditions in the past and the future.

By making assignments that correspond with the learning objectives from the Ministry of Education, we make it relevant for teachers to bring their classes to Den Gamle By as an exciting part of the teaching.



As the 1974-section has many interactive and touchable objects, we decided that these should be a vital part of the experience of the webapp. It was important to make the children experience Den Gamle By through the interactive, physical objects instead of experiencing Den Gamle By through a digital screen.




The web app is to function as a guideline and tool to explore the different family structures in the 1974-area, and the pupils will be given different tasks and assignments that provoke their curiosity. Den Gamle By already has good educational material for their two sections: 1864 and 1927, but have been struggling with developing material for the 1974-section, since the exhibition is so open that the children become very uncontrolled and careless. The prototype is a proposal to how Den Gamle By can help the children navigate more carefully and controlled under their visit.


Prototype can be preview online after entering responsive mode.



Teachers can use the app as a part of the teaching before, during and after the visit at Den Gamle By. Teachers will be given the opportunity to get a suggestion on how to prepare the pupils before the visit. The suggestion consists of a session about general knowledge about the 1970’s.


It is vital for Den Gamle By that one gets to experience history. Therefore, it is important to us that the web app enhances the need to explore the apartments by using one’s senses, thus digging deeper into the assignments and fulfilling the learning objectives.


By incorporating the interactive objects in the apartments, pupils will be able to have fun with e.g. a typewriter or a disc-dial phone as they get a hands-on experience. The goal is to make pupils learn through experience instead of observing from a distance.