Client | Lix

2019 | Digital Concept Development

Lix is a company working to improve the way students read their study material.

LixQ is an additional mobile-based feature to the Lix platform. With its help, we want to turn Lix into a study location. Wherever students access the platform, they switch to a specific study mindset and engage with their study material on a more accessible level.




The challenge was to investigate and identify dilemmas
that students face and to create a solution that addresses
these while simultaneously supporting Lix’ business objectives.


Observations, Time Machine exercise, and SWAP brought

an initial understanding of the problem space, and helped asses and discuss preconceptions about studying.

Prior to making interviews, we gave the participants a simple cultural probe to document how they study. They were asked to take photos of the environments, artefacts, and people that were around them while studying.


By using this elicitation method, we were able to move from the explicit and observable to the deeper tacit and latent levels of knowledge, and in doing so, we reached a better understanding of the goals, motivations, and attitudes of the participants.


The picture cards from the photo diary were one element of the generative toolkit that we prepared for the interviews. Further, the toolkit consisted of a backdrop with different layers of knowledge, post-it notes with emojis, and pens and paper for the participants to write down thoughts and ideas.




Students have access to games such as Memory Cards, ABC quizzes, and Charades - all of which are created by fellow students. The games will test the students’ knowledge and comprehension of the study material, and the content of the games will be verified by other LixQ users to ensure quality and validity.

Students also have access to their own notes and highlights, which are customised to mobile reading. The aim with LixQ is to increase students’ motivation for learning and to improve overall performance.