Repair Cafè Aarhus

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Client | Repair Café Aarhus

2018 | Main exam project - Multimedia Design and Communication

Collaboration | Tóra Jóhannusardóttir



Repair Café Aarhus and its volunteers actively repair various broken things, people bring to the events. For the past years, Repair Café Aarhus has grown to the extent that they might soon have to turn people down because of the amount of people showing up at the events. The café does not have vision as the project has only been considered as a hobby and not a long-term developing concept. Therefore, this project covered organisational and branding aspects to help Repair Café Aarhus concept survive.


Tighted loose ends

Because of the impression and a conclusion Repair Café being very unorganized and needing some structure, we wanted to change that and create more formed place. Our goal was to propose a solution for Repair Café, which they could use to put all the parts that are confusing or too complicated into one settled plan. Having that in mind we formulated our concept name: Tighten loose ends.

It is a concept to make them a whole project, to make them more coherent and make everything stand out as it supposed to be. We believe within this concept they could organise everything, whether it is a business solution, usage of social media or the right tone. For that purpose we created a new website together with a new visual identity.

Keep. Don’t toss!

Repair Café Aarhus wants to help the environment by changing people’s minds about how they toss things and teaching them how to fix it themselves. Therefore, we have created a statement that is the Organising Idea for Repair Café Aarhus: KEEP. DON'T TOSS!
We believe this statement covers and will be useful Repair Café Aarhus current state and it will help to make smart decisions based on the research in the previous chapter, Concept Development, as it is the fundamental connection between brand and customer.

Research results infographic

Research results infographic


New name - RE+PAIR

This name does not have the Café part which will make people finally understand the concept correctly and got rid of confusion -
people do not expect to drink a coffee there. RE+PAIR says clearly what they do - repair and there are no doubts about it. But some people may ask - why there is a plus between?

The name itself seems like it is taken apart. Breaking and putting together by using the plus is made to create the name. So even the name itself is being repaired. The plus connects two parts of the word RE and PAIR. The RE-part stands for different, but truly related things:

PAIR covers the teaching part of the concept and is meant to represent the volunteer
and visitor as a pair working closely together on fixing the broken item.